Academic Life

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In general school, students master the disciplines of eight subject areas: Russian language and literature, foreign languages, mathematics and computer science, social science subjects, natural science subjects, art, technology and physical education. English and a second foreign language to choose from are mandatory for studying: German, French, Spanish, Italian. It is also possible to study Chinese.
For the individualization of the educational process in the school from the 5th grade, differentiated training is used, which creates conditions for the maximum development of students with different levels of training. The division into subgroups in parallel occurs in foreign languages, mathematics, Russian.
For early profiling in grades 5-6, conditions have been created under which students can try themselves in different subject areas through practice and independent work, the opportunity to determine their interests through practical immersion in four meta-subject areas: nature, technology, art and society.
From the 7th grade, the school provides pre-professional training in four areas: physical and mathematical, socio-economic, chemical and biological, humanitarian. Pre-profile training is part of the individual educational trajectory of each child, which makes it possible to consciously choose a profile orientation at the end of the 9th grade.