The three-day educational marathon brought together listeners and speakers-practitioners from different countries who are not indifferent to the future of education!

February 10-12, 2022 were marked by a bright event in the education system. The conference "Open School in the Global World" brought together unique speakers, ideological inspirers, practitioners with a wealth of experience from all over the world for three days under one roof. Just listen to these names: Paata Amonashvili, Ari Pokka, Marina Shalashova, Tatiana Kovaleva, Aleksey Golubitsky, Alfredo Orive, Natalia Larionova, Ilias Valiakos, Victoria Atlas Prilutsky, Marina Bityanova, Graham Harrison and many others.

The conference was attended by more than three hundred people, and thanks to online broadcasts, the total audience of the event almost doubled.
The participants of this large-scale event were representatives from more than a hundred cities of the Russian Federation and beyond, among whom there were heads of private and public educational organizations, teachers, representatives of the system of additional education and the fields of science and culture, those who have just decided to link their lives with educational activities and everyone who cares about the world's leading trends and the future of the education system as a whole.
The first international pedagogical conference "Open School in the Global World" was held vividly, richly, informatively. What will the second one be like? Very soon you will find out and be able to become its participants!

Ekaterina Lukyanova
Development Direсtor

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