Our Аchievements

Everyone's victory is our common victory!
At our school, we pay great attention to the participation of children in contests and significant competitions. School teachers motivate and help children to find interesting information for projects and successfully prepare and present their design works.
We are proud of their achievements!
Our pupils are winners and prize-takers of international, Russian nationwide and Moscow conferences, competitions, contests, such as: City multimedia projects competition "The history of my family in the history of Russia", Moscow competition of design and research works, regional research conference "Children explore the World" of the UNESCO Associated Schools, the Russian nationwide competition "The planet of projects", the International Research Competition "Research START", the Russian nationwide and International Online Competition for Pupils (Uchi.ru, the Center for Pedagogical Excellence, VOSH (Russian nationwide School Competition), MGPU (Moscow pedagogical state university), MIREA (Russian technological university)), and many others.