Our Teachers

Our teachers are our pride! A motivated teacher is a key to the success of students, a person who can not only help students discover their talents but also suggest ways to implement them.
The teaching staff of the primary school is a team of professionals who have not only high professional skills and a desire to work with children, but are also ready to constantly engage in self-development and professional development, knowledge of new technologies and trends in the modern pedagogical world.

Seminars and training sessions are organized on an ongoing basis throughout the year, the purpose of which is to constantly improve the professional skills of our teachers, because finding an approach to each child, creating individual development conditions for everyone is our priority.

The high level of professional skills of teachers is confirmed by the victories in pedagogical Olympiads and competitions, such as the Russian Nationwide Olympiad of Teachers, the Russian Nationwide competition of research papers "The Edges of Mastery", the Russian Nationwide competition "Planet of Projects", the Russian Nationwide Olympiad "Pedagogical Success", the International competition for teachers "Professional Pride". Also, primary school teachers present their projects at the Russian Nationwide festival "Open Lesson", are certified experts at the city festival of scientific and technical creativity "Education. Science. Production".