Sport forms character, makes a person purposeful, strong, hardy and more confident.
Physical education classes at our school are aimed not only at developing physical fitness and mastering the program but also include a variety of competitions and team games.

And after classes, the children have the opportunity to choose different sports sections: badminton, basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, rope skipping and others.

Every year, our high school students go on multi-day hiking trips under the guidance of professional instructors, which contributes to the development of the ability to interact in a team and acquire skills of independence and responsibility. Off-site team-building games, annual traditional tours with the passage of the obstacle course are among the most anticipated and beloved events by our guys.

Motivational meetings with famous Russian athletes at our school popularize a healthy and active lifestyle and contribute to the achievement of goals. The guys have the opportunity to hear firsthand success stories and ask questions of interest to them.