Academic Life

The NIKA School provides high school students with two learning models

The first model is teaching according to individual curricula with great opportunities for choosing subjects and levels of their development. The training takes place in "mobile" study groups, while the composition of groups in different subjects varies.

The second model is training in specialized classes in four directions to choose from: technological, socio-economic, humanitarian, natural science. The curriculum of each direction is balanced for solving specific tasks.

In the 10th grade, high school students carry out an individual project, which can be considered as an early professionalization experience, since students often choose project topics in the field in which they would like to receive further education and profession.

The system of cooperation with Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUDN, Bauman Moscow State Technical University and other universities of the country is developed in such a way as to satisfy the most diverse needs of high school students, to provide an opportunity to receive higher education in all possible areas — technical, natural science, social, economic, humanitarian, in the field of information technology, law.